How To Remove Self Tanner

Self tanners are often associated with giving your skin a dark orange color and streaky appearance. Although the product has seen many improvements since it was first introduced in the market, there are incidences that still occur where self tanners get erroneous results.

This may happen if you are not particular about selecting the tone that is right for you. This may also happen if you cannot apply the product properly. Whatever the cause may be, if you get a self tanning that you are not happy with, you shall naturally try to fade it out. Let us not set any impractical expectations.

The streaks and discolorations in the nooks and crevices would face away easily. But if you are looking to fade out the color in entirety, this may not happen immediately. However, the beauty experts still have come up with help with tips that would help you to remove self tanner. For your convenience, we have discussed the tips under different heads – to differentiate tips that are meant for overall fading of the color and those that would help you to remove streaks and unevenness here and there.


How To Remove Self Tanner

How To Remove Self Tanner


  • Removing Overall


Soaking your skin in water is surprisingly the most effective and natural way to remove self tanner. You may do so by having a long swim in the pool. Or you may prepare yourself a long relaxing bath in the rub. These would surely speed up the removal of self tanner from your skin. If you choose to soak your skin in a tub, you may add a couple of caps full of baby oil to the water. After you soak your body you may then exfoliate using a loofah. The method works because, soaking your body with water causes the cells of your body to expand. As they expand the color of the self tanner fades and eventually goes away completely.


  • Lightening the tone of the surface area overall


o    You may fix yourself a hot, soapy bath. Make sure you pick up a time when you are free to soak for at least an hour. The time would be proportional to the number of days elapsed after you had put on your self-tanner, the better. Naturally, the more time you soak the more effective it would be.


o    Exfoliate your skin with a gritty or sugary scrub. This loosens the self tanner and also takes away the dried and dead cells from the top layer of your skin thereby greatly reducing the color tone your skin had acquired after the self tanning. Using an exfoliating mitt or a loofah would aid you in the process. However it is recommended that you avoid using pumice stone for that is too hard on your skin.


o    Apply a strong toner to your skin before bedtime. Try to select a toner that has with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) in its composition. These acids are very effecting in correcting discoloration of your skin.


o    Drench your skin with baby oil. Or you may also your olive oil. This helps in overall fading of the color that you had acquired after self tanning. If you can stay doused this way for about half an hour, it would be good. But if you feel too bored, stay soaked at least for 15 minutes.


  • Correcting uneven skin tones here and there


o    Lemon acts as a great bleaching agent and is often used to even lighten skin imperfections like pigmentations and freckles. So naturally the same way it would be effective on removing the color of your self-tanner. Cut a lemon in half and rub a section of it over the area that is affected. rub for a while. You may repeat the process about twice or thrice a day.


o    You may even make a paste using lemon juice and baking powder and apply over the affected area. Leave on for a while. Now remove all the while rubbing gently.


o    Whitening toothpaste can also help you to fade the color. The bleaching agent that is used in these toothpastes for whitening your teeth would be equally effective to fade color from your skin. Take a dab of toothpaste on your finger and massage it to the affected area. Scrub off after a while. Repeat as required.


o    Using acetone or rubbing alcohol would also help. You probably already have acetone in your makeup kit in the form of nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball and soak it with acetone and rub it over the affected area. However you should use this method sparingly. This is because of the fact that acetone tends to affect the skin by drying it up. As such, if you apply this method, remember to hydrate your skin afterwards by using moisturizer generously.


  • Tips to do it right from the very beginning


These tips are for those who like the self tanning process but could not keep the color only because of the fact that they could not do it right at the onset. First and foremost let us make you feel good by telling you that you are not alone – mistakes in applying self tanners are very common. But this does not mean that you shall not learn from your mistake and keep repeating them. So here are a few tips for you to avoid making the mistakes and achieve the best possible self tanning –


o    For an even tanning keep your skin thoroughly hydrated and moisturized. This is because of the fact that when your skin is dry it is more susceptible to getting tanned in an uneven manner.


o    Apply your self-tanner with speed. Making haste ensures a great finish and also an even coating on your skin.


o    You should not take a shower for at least four hours after you have applied the tanner. You may even consider applying the tanner overnight and sleep on it. This is because water may fade and wash out the color.


o    You should reapply the tanner as and when required to achieve that even smooth skin tone.


o    Exfoliating your skin before you apply the self tanner would remove the dry and dead cells leaving your skin soft and supple – this creates the right base for the self-tanner to create an even and streak free look. There are some exfoliating body scrubs that are sold solely for the purpose of prepping your skin for self tanning.


o    Some salons often offer over the counter products that promise to remove self tanner. However, these products are often expensive and there is no clear evidence that indicate that these work more efficiently than homely solutions. But if you find that those seem more hassle free to you, you may apply those too. But make sure you follow properly the instructions provided.

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