Gifts Kate Middleton Would Love for Mother’s Day–Because She Uses Them a Lot!

Mother’s Day is upon us—got your gift yet?

If you’re frantically searching through Internet gift guides on your lunch break, browse no more. Instead, let’s turn our attention to Kate Middleton for inspiration. Not only is the Duchess of Cambridge a mama in her own right, but her classic, sophisticated style can impress any motherly figure in your life.

Sure, she may be a royal, but some of her go-to items (the things we’ve seen her wear multiple times) are relatively affordable—you know, the price range that says, “Mom, I cared enough to buy you this (without going for broke).” Hey, she would want you to spend responsibly.

From Kate’s favorite beauty items to her off-duty wardrobe staples, here are tried-and-tested presents your mom would love, too.

Better act now, shipping takes forever. 

To make your loved one feel extra special, don’t forget to say: ”You wear it better than Kate!”


E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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