What Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Dress Might Look Like

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Pippa Middleton walks down the aisle in t-minus three days, and the only thing we know for certain about her dress is who’s designing it.

But after much research (a.k.a. surfing the World Wide Web for every outfit the Brit’s ever worn) we can make educated guesses about specific aspects of the soon-to-be-unveiled ensemble. For example: The floor-length gown Pippa wore to sister Kate Middleton‘s royal wedding shows us she’s not one to shy away from a slim fit and a little draping. Her form-fitting number was a timeless choice (that silhouette will never go out of style), which tells us she’s a sucker for classic style. And various other outfits she’s worn along the way also prove this, so we can expect to see something classic, timeless and form fitting.

When she’s not arm-in-arm with tiny flower girls? She’s often spotted wearing outfits of a more sporty nature—probably because her pre-wedding fitness plan is intense (to say the least).

So with all of that in mind, we hit retailers and runway shows for what we think Pippa might walk down the aisle in…and the results are amazing. Think: White dresses with classic, statuesque silhouettes—some backless, some beaded—made of timeless fabrics (lace, satin, etc.).

Excited to see what we found? Start scrolling.

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