How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Well, if you feel a little concerned about the size or shape of your nose, let us assure you that you are not alone.

Yes, cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution to restructure your nose. But it is expensive and a long drawn process. However, we have here for you certain quick fix solutions that would create an illusion of a nose that is smaller.

Once you are confident with your feature, you shall be happy as an individual and self assured too.

So, here are some tricks to make your nose look smaller –

How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

  • Regular Nose Exercises:

There are certain breathing exercises that would help you to sculpt your nose over a period of time. Cover one nostril and take a deep breath using the other one. Hold the breath, and count to five. Now slowly release the breath. Count another five; then repeat with the other nostril. You can perform this exercise for about five to ten minutes daily alternating between the two nostrils. Naturally you shall not notice any change in a day or two. But over a time this breathing function would help you to sculpt your nose. Also you may massage the length of your nose using your thumb and index finger. Use your fingers to rub your rose and to apply light pressure in a circular motion. Start from the top of the nose and work your way till the bottom of your nose. As you reach the end, gently but firmly pinch the bottom. If you want you can use some soothing essential oil like lavender, while your massage. Massage daily this way for about five minutes. You may also position the middle fingers of your hands one near each of the inside corner of your eyes. Now position your ring fingers a little below that. Now wrinkle your nose and gently massage the wrinkled area in circular motion for about 30 seconds each for about a dozen times. You may also squeeze the upper bridge area of your nose with your index finger and thumb – squeeze as much as you can without hurting yourself – hold for a while, and then release – repeat for a couple of times. These massaging techniques gently apply pressure to the cartilage of your nose that makes it narrower in the long run thereby making your nose appear smaller in size.


  • Trying to shape various parts of the face:

You may exercise your cheek and nose. For this you may make pouts and hold it in that position for about 15 to 20 seconds. Now relax your muscles and hold it this way for about 30 seconds before you repeat the process. You may perform this for about 20 times daily. Since pout squats the nasal area it shrinks the nose. You may stretch the skin of your cheeks by using your index finger and middle finger. Now pull your skin towards your ears. Now put your lips. Hold the position for about 15 to 20 seconds and then release. You should work with one side of your cheek at a time alternating between the right and left sides. Repeat this exercise for about 20 times daily.


  • Camouflaging with makeup:

Contouring your nose properly using the right kind of makeup would change the way your nose looks. Makeup when applied right can create wonders. However you shall have to remember that subtlety is the key here and that you should blend your makeup well. To create a nose that looks smaller you may use a foundation lighter than the base color on the bridge of your nose. As you reach the nostril area, apply a foundation darker than the base color just over the nostrils.


  • Drawing attention to other parts of your face like eyes and lips:

We always like to highlight features that we are proud of and try to camouflage those that we feel are not so perfect. Apply the same trick in this case too. For that, you have to make sure that you keep your skin free of excess oil. This is because of the fact that oil gives your skin an extra shine that reflects under lights – this may make your nose look larger. The market has many options available for cleansers that help to reduce the shine – however, do not overdo yourself; for if you strip your skin off oil completely your skin would naturally show the tendency to produce more oil to compensate. Using blotting paper or facial tissue dab your face especially in the T zone area when you feel there is too much oil. Applying lose face powder would also help you to reduce the shine. The next thing you can do is to highlight another feature of your face, for example, your eyes or lips, so that people notice them first when they see you thereby shifting the focus away from your nose. For your eyes, you may accentuate them with makeup. Applying the right shade of shadow, lining the eyes well with eyeliner properly and using mascara to elongate the lashes should help you achieve the tricks. Also you should shape your brows to frame your face properly. Coming to your lips, the market is flooded with plethora of options of lip colors and glosses. You may avoid lip liners for it may make the corresponding feature of your face (read: your nose) prominent by framing your lips. If you can carry, bold lip colors would draw attention to your lips and away from your nose. But whatever you do, feel confident and carry with assurance.


  • Change your hairstyle:

Hair frames your face. Hair changes the way you look. So you can create different illusions using your hair to your advantage. When you part hair on any of your side, you actually draw attention away from the central area of the face thereby drawing the focus away from your nose. You may consider creating sweeping bangs that fall on the sides. Avoid bangs directly over your eyes for that would further attract attention towards your nose. Ask your hair stylist to create layers in your hair. This would create body and texture in your hair thereby taking the attention to it. For the same reason, adding volume to your hair would also help to serve your purpose. For that you can buy products that add volume to your hair – shampoos and mousses are available for this purpose – read labels properly when you buy – these products add a lift in the scalp area creating the illusion of more volume. Avoid straightening your hair. Scrunch it up instead. Never back comb your hair in a stark manner. Instead you may blow dry your hair with your head upside down focusing especially on the roots – this is known to add an illusion of volume.


  • Avoid Glasses if possible:

This is not something that you can always opt for. But in case you can manage, try using contact lenses rather than glasses. Glasses attract more attention to your nose. In case you need to wear glasses choose frameless ones or ones that have very sleek frames – avoid chunky and bold frames at all times.

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