5 Old School Brands That Are Making a Major Comeback

You know what they say: Everything old is new again.

We’ve heard it before, but if you take a look at the fashion industry, it’s clear. Trendsetters like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have to get their street style inspiration from somewhere, after all.

We were right there next you when you swore you’d never again wear another logo handbag. Or how uncool were the brands your parents wore on the daily? Back in the day we were more inclined to wear a pair of low-rise Abercrombie jeans than a high-rise pair of Levi’s.

It’s not that these throwback brands weren’t cool, most of us were just too young to appreciate them. 

Need a refresher on what old-school brands you should be shopping right about now?

Go on, all the celebs are doing it.

Too bad your parents didn’t save their vintage denim. 

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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