Do you want flawless skin? Laser treatment is the answer

We all want flawless skin don’t we?  Every day on the TV and in the movies we see these TV and film stars all looking exquisite with their perfect skin, but, sadly for many women out there, the dream of perfect skin is exactly that-a dream.  Yes, there are hundreds of makeup brands out there, all perfectly capable of providing most of us with a temporary solution to our skin blemish problems, but, for those of us with more severe problems, makeup is simply not enough.

A common skin complaint in all of us is skin pigmentation.  Pigmentation is essentially a change in the skin’s natural colour caused by increases in melanin, and it can appear in many forms including freckles, pigmented patches of skin and discoloured spots or marks.  Although, as mentioned, makeup and creams can provide a temporary cover up solution; when you want a more permanent resolution to your skin pigmentation problems, then laser treatment is the only option.

The Laser Treatment Clinic, based in London, offers laser treatment for a range of conditions including skin pigmentation.  Using only the best and most advanced laser treatment devices and skin care products, the Laser Treatment Clinic, have proven success in helping people regain their confidence and achieve the flawless skin they desire.

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So what causes skin pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation can occur for a number of reasons including:

Too much exposure to sunlight: this is the most common cause of skin pigmentation particularly in areas where there is high UV levels.

Hormonal changes: during pregnancy or when taking the pill, hormonal changes can occur in your body that can lead to pigmentation problems such as melasma.

Damage to the skin: any damage to the skin can also result in pigmentation appearing.  This damage could be caused by physical damage, chemical peels or acne.

Genetic pigmentation: in many cases, pigmentation is something you are born with, for example, birth marks.  It could also be acquired through childhood or adulthood.

In those people with darker or Asian skin types, skin pigmentation can be even more of a problem to treat, due to there being an abundance of melanin in Asian skin, and also the fact the melanin in the skin is more prone to react to external and internal conditions.  As a result, hyperpigmentation occurs.  The two most common conditions resulting from hyperpigmentation in Asians are:

Melasma: this is where light brown or tan patches will appear on the skin.  These patches can be made worse by too much exposure to the sun and irritation to the skin.  Melasma most commonly occurs on the face.

Post inflammatory pigmentation: After any injury or trauma to the face, the result can be large discoloured patches or small dark spots that appear on the skin.  Post inflammatory pigmentation can occur anywhere on your body.

If you are suffering from skin pigmentation problems, and you are of a darker skin tone, then laser treatment is still an option, and, with the Laser Treatment Clinic you will be in very safe hands.

If you are interested in permanently removing those areas of pigmentation from your skin, then the Laser Treatment Clinic can help.  With their cutting age laser treatments and expert consultants, you will be able to enjoy superb and significant improvements to your condition.  If your pigmentation is making you unhappy with your appearance, and creams are not providing you with the results you desire, then laser treatment is the best option.

Contact the Laser Treatment Clinic today to discuss treatment options for Asian skin, and get that clear, perfect complexion that you have been dreaming of.

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