You’ve Never Styled a White Tee Like This Before

Morgan Stewart‘s at it again with some wardrobe realness.

The everyday, classic, go-to white tee is a closet staple. End of discussion. And because of that, we should all own at least (emphasis on at least) one.

If you’re not the owner of said basic T-shirt, it’s probably because you find it, well, unoriginal. (Dare we say boring?) But that’s incredibly inaccurate for reasons Morgan will show you when you hit play on the above video.

Do it now, then keep reading.

To reiterate: There are two simple, borderline effortless ways to dress up your white tee, and they’re, in fact, not even a little bit boring, right? The first being throwing a corset top over your shirt, keeping the sultry nature of the add-on at bay and the second being knotting your tee just above the waistline of a really cute mini, midi or maxi skirt!

Both looks perfect for summer and both looks easy to mimic meaning both looks should be put on rotation immediately. 

E! Online (US) – Fashion Police

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