Gigi Hadid Can’t Stop Wearing This $11,500 Bag

Gigi Hadid has a new love, people.

No, she’s not yet done with beau Zayn Malik, but the supermodel has been spotted (multiple times) wearing a new kind of expensive arm candy: her $ 11,500 Stalvey top handle bag.

On June 15 she stepped out in a long-sleeved, pale blue, high-waisted trouser ensemble—how badly is just thinking about wearing this making you sweat right now?—and her latest go-to, white boots. In tow was a sweet little mini bag with great structure, perfect for any outfit, and it looked really familiar.

So we did some research.

Turns out we weren’t crazy and Gigi’s been wearing the bag a lot lately with various denim-clad outfits—in different colors/prints, too! And though the second iteration of the same accessory’s only $ 4,800 (yes, we’re being sarcastic), it’s most likely still out of reach from that monthly budget you’re trying to stick to.

ESC: Gigi hadid

Felipe Ramales / Splash News

So what’s a girl (who wants to mimic the style star’s impeccable taste) to do? There’s one clear solution: Shop the below similar picks because they’re just as fashion-forward and in your price range.

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